Charmed: Reboot the reboot?

 "Charmed: 20th Anniversary Poster" by Sean Anthony (2018).

"Charmed: 20th Anniversary Poster" by Sean Anthony (2018).

Charmed was established in 1998 and aired on October 7, 1998. It enters its 20th anniversary this coming October 7, 2018.

But wait! Before you celebrate this beloved show, the reboot is currently being made by The CW, without the original cast's involvement.

Moments after the series finale of Charmed on 21 May 2006 (during in its eighth season) fans have screamed far and wide for a continuation.

I've seen fan ideas all over the internet where "the power of four" becomes a thing when Prue reunites with her sisters.

Another idea involves a glimpse of what we saw in the future scenes where Adult Wyatt and Chris as well as a whole new generation of witches battle demons in the future of the CharmedVerse.

My idea - see below for video and synposis:

The power of three are back in the form of WYATT, CHRIS and MELINDA. Back at the Halliwell manor, Melinda Halliwell returns after a stint in magic rehab. Wyatt and Chris visit for a family reunion while The Elders inform Piper and Leo that the power of three prophecy is in tact...


  • Prue could already have made her return - as she does in the future with blonde hair when Melinda was younger. You can read the Charmed comics by Zenescope to see how Prue returns.
  • Phoebe, as well as Paige, may have moved cities due to work commitments.
  • This leaves us with Piper, Leo and their children: Wyatt, Chris and Melinda Halliwell at the Halliwell Manor in San Fransisco.

 "Charmed: Alternate Reboot Poster" by Sean Anthony (2018).

"Charmed: Alternate Reboot Poster" by Sean Anthony (2018).


Lyndsy Fonseca as Melinda Halliwell

Wes Ramsey as Wyatt Halliwell

Drew Fuller as Chris Halliwell



Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell

Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt



Sean Anthony