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Published: December 3, 2016

Sean Anthony FrankensDesign

Today I had a chance to interview Sean from FrankensDesign. Here is how it went…


Q. How did you come up with the name ‘FrankensDesign’?

A.  The name is a play on the word, “Frankenstein”. The company uses this story as an inspiration to give metaphors to the creative process we go through.


Q. When did you first realize you wanted to be a graphic designer?

A. I’d always been interested in Graphic Design and was the “go-to” person for logos when I was in College, studying Media Production. I thought that as I wasn’t trained in this that I couldn’t go further. So, to answer your question, I realized this after graduating University in 2014.


Q. Was you inspired by anyone in particular at this point?

A. I can’t say that I’ve been inspired by anyone in particular regarding Graphic Design. I take my inspiration from various sources. I do research before working on a project whether it’s for personal reasons or for a client. My clients constantly inspired me the most throughout the process due to different views which always makes for a great collaboration.


Q. What do you if a client is completely unsure of what it is that they want?

A. I have two options. Firstly, I might ask them to look at a variety of examples that they like and pinpoint the design aspects they like the most, then we can move forward and see how to incorporate this in their design. Secondly, I would look at their existing branding and see if I can work on something that suits this, or if they are in the process of creating a brand then I will give them suitable examples so we can work on this. I find that if they’re unsure at this point then the best thing to offer them a design. This way it will give them a visual that may or may not be what they want, but it triggers ideas in their minds.


Q. When working on a new project do you sketch your ideas out first?

A. Not at all. I like to get straight into researching and designing on my computer. I like to keep my mind active and see what typeface would be suitable as well as colouring.


Q. How many ideas on average will you do and look at them yourself and show the client before choosing one to develop?

A. I usually have a pretty clear idea of what to do based on the information supplied by the client or after researching. Then, I’ll start with a basic design which I will continue to build up until I’m happy to send it to the client with notes. The first design rarely goes to plan, but I also offer designs that they may not have thought of as well, if I believe them to be suitable. I like to give my clients options at all times.


Q. What is your favorite project you have done so far?

A. I like all of my projects in different ways. I take something from everything I do and I’m forever learning. I have to admit that my current projects have been the most challenging, which I love the most. The back and forth communication has to be my favorite because it build up a great working relationship.


Q. Do you have any advice for people who are studying graphic design?

A. You need to be confident if your ability, but know that you're offering your client a piece of yourself within the design. No matter the outcome of a project i.e. if a client doesn’t use the design, then don’t be offended. Other people’s views may differ to yours and offer other solutions, which is fine because everyone is different. I would take a positive from every negative situation that personally affects you. Take it as a learning process.


Q. Lastly do you have any advice for people who are qualified and going into the world of graphic design in either a team or freelance?

A. Whether you’re in a team or doing freelance work, your objective is to meet your clients needs by giving them the best experience possible. This may mean taking on a project where initially you feel it won’t work, based on your client's requirements. So, offer advice but essentially, you’ll need to do this the way they want it. This might change your views and give you an experience to learn, too. Also, don’t limit yourself and always offer your clients more than what they expect.

I really found the interview interesting and the found the advice given very useful. I hope all of you can take something from it to.

Sean AnthonyFrankensDesign